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About Me

My name is Sammy from Uganda, East Africa. I am a 24-year-old computer enthusiast and a professional PC Builder who's very passionate about PC Gaming, Hardware, and all things Tech related

About GeForce Arena

GeForce Arena is the leading Gaming Computer Store that deals in professional computer building, computer hardware & software, PC games & all computer-related services in Uganda.  Our mantra is "PC gaming for the masses" which we are achieving by building custom Desktop Computers and Accessories at very affordable prices anywhere in Uganda and beyond. We design, build and customize Gaming Computers and services from the USA, UK, Dubai & China to satisfy a wide range of our customers, gamers and content creators. From corporate, government and industries to individual clients, we do business directly with our customers and we do it better than the competition.

Our service commitment

We have a strong team of experienced I.T specialists, suppliers, and shippers who are committed to providing services right when you need it. We undertake annual maintenance contracts, warranty extensions, and third-party service outsourcing to serve our ever-growing customer base. GeForce Arena has gained market confidence and momentum mainly through word of mouth & online engagement from our many satisfied customers.

Store Goals

Vision of GeForce Arena: To be the leading Custom PC building store in Uganda.

Mantra of GeForce Arena : Gaming and Workstation PCs for the masses.

Mission of GeForce Arena: To provide genuine and quality Custom Built Computers and hardware at the most reasonable prices with prompt service to our consumers which imparts a world-class buying experience.

Values: We believe there is only one boss, "the customer" who can fire everybody in the business simply by spending their money elsewhere.

Why Buy At GeForce Arena

  • With over 10 years of experience in building Gaming/Workstation PCs which makes us more trustworthy and reliable.

  • We precheck and preinstall the products before it is delivered to you assuring you get a defect-free delivery.

  • We are your PC Consultants who understand what you require and suggest you the best accordingly.

  • Dedicated online support in case of inquiries and assistance.

  • A 24-hour service guarantee is assured when you buy any product from us.

  • The Genuinity of products sold to you is assured.

  • We are not traders, we are your PC Consultants who understand what you require and deliver accordingly.

  • we commit to reasonable prices than the competition.

  • Dedicated online sales portal to cut across geographical barriers and offer our services beyond Uganda.

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