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This is a High-End 4K Gaming/Workstation PC. Rocking a 12-core Intel i7 12700K (12th Gen - Water Cooled) CPU and the new Nvidia RTX 4080 16GB Graphics Card which gets you the speed & power that dominates all popular games/software. The PC Comes With Fast DDR5 32GB 52000MHz RAM, Samsung 2TB NVME SSD & a 2TB SATA SSD giving you the speed and space packed in this High-Performance Gaming PC.


Average 4K Gaming Performance;

Mortal Combat 1: 60+FPS

Apex Legends: 200FPS
Call of Duty MW3: 180FPS

Valorant: 300FPS


Other 4K Games: 60-144FPS

Intel i7 12700K + RTX 4080 Super 16GB + 32GB DDR5 RAM | Gaming PC

SKU: 167