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Enjoy an immersive gaming/workstation experience with this High-Performance Desktop PC. The 128GB 5200MHz DDR5 RAM and 24-Core Intel Core i9 14900K processor runs all Games in ULTRA GRAPHICS at High FPS. The included brand new ASUS RTX 4090 24GB Graphics Card runs graphics-heavy Games in 4K and 8K and it is the fastest Desktop Graphics Card. This High-End PC has all the power for Elite Gamers and Content Creators This PC high-performance storage coming with a Samsung 4TB 980 PRO NVME SSD and an 8TB Hard Drive.

Intel i9 14900K + RTX 4090 24GB + 128GB DDR5 RAM - EXTREME PC

SKU: 035
  • Motherboard

    Gigabyte Z790 Aorus Master

    Processor Intel i9 14900K - 24 Cores| 32 Threads @ 6GHz + NZXT 360MM AIO
    Graphics Card ASUS RTX 4090 24GB - ROG STRIX
    RAM Corsair Dominator 128GB 5200MHz DDR5
    Storage 4TB Samsung 980 Pro NVME SSD +  8TB WD HDD
    Case Lian Li Dynamic 011 XL + 10 Lian Li Fans
    Power Supply EVGA SupaNova 1200Watts 80+G
    Accessories All Cables + Free PC Games/Software
    Use Type

    Gaming, Streaming, Work, Rendering, etc